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A Fond Farewell

Jayne Sands  1959 - 2016

  Jayne was the loving mother of Raven and Rosie and wife to Sandy, but sadly on 30 April 2016 and at the age of only 57, she was taken from us all by a massive stroke. Family, friends and wingers from all over the country assembled in Freiston near Boston on 12 May 2016 to accompany Jayne to the cemetery and more than 200 people tried their best to cram into the chapel to hear the words that would send Jayne on her final journey.  

    Jayne was born and raised in Lincolnshire and after leaving school she trained in catering and worked for some years in the pub restaurant trade, which probably accounts for the way she learned to deal with people.  Later she became a full time Carer and worked in the profession for many years assisting old and infirm people to make the best of their lives.  Jayne met Sandy much later in life when she already had two grown up daughters, but they quickly formed a loving bond and Jayne and Sandy were married in 2011.  Both Sandy and Jayne had a penchant for making friends and for taking an interest in others and motivating people to do more.  Indeed, Jayne's caring nature has always shown through and has helped her throughout her life to support and care for others.  They bought a Goldwing Trike allowing them to share their fondness for travel and then joined the Goldwing Owners Club to further their interests.  Sandy was quickly elected as the Lincs Region Representative in 2013 and they both soon became well known throughout the regions as they set themselves the task of attending as many Goldwing events as they could.  Both Sandy and Jayne shared the same goal to further the club's interests and to put Lincolnshire very definitively on the Goldwing Owners Club map.

Jayne served as our secretary for the Region and as Mother Hen for our members for the past 3 years.  She was always the first to volunteer to welcome visitors and take inscriptions at our events and to organise teas, coffees and snacks when needed.  As well as riding pillion with Sandy, she supported him and the Region by arranging and attending meetings with prospective camp sites and restaurants to support our events and was a driving force, with Sandy, in establishing and organising our annual Skegness Light Parade and Wing Dings.  Jayne would always speak her mind but she was also a fun loving woman who enjoyed a good night out with friends and between them, Sandy and Jayne made a great deal of friends all over the country.

    Jayne's final farewell took place on a warm Thursday in Boston.  The motorcade left their home village of Freiston to drive the 4 miles into Boston accompanied by some 37 goldwing bikes and trikes.  The parade stopped traffic as we made our way carefully to the cemetery and as the hearse rolled up to the front doors, bikes were parked all along the entrance road.  The chapel soon filled up with family and friends and many were left standing at the sides and all the way out of the doors.  We listened to some of Jayne's favourite songs:  'Baby I'm amazed by you', by Lonestar; and 'An Innocent Man', by Billy Joel.  The eulogy included a reading of the lyrics from Angel by Robbie Williams and a poem made famous by Vicki Brown, Look for me in Rainbows by Vikash Kumar.  

    It was a lovely ceremony that Jayne would have looked on with fondness and as the service concluded we left the chapel to the strains of  'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton.  Outside, Sandy, Raven and Rosie stood to greet visitors and thanked them for their attendance and participation.  The family had asked for no flowers to be bought but instead, they asked for donations to be made to the Boston Pilgrim Hospital Stroke Unit that had cared for Jayne during her last few hours.  A wonderful reflection of Jayne's caring nature that she would want her final journey to be of benefit to others.  Jayne would have been amazed at the figure of 776.28 donated by friends, family and GWOC GB regions.

    We will all miss her bright smile and cool sense of humour as we say farewell and safe riding to this lovely lady who made all our lives better for knowing her.

Goldwings Assemble at the Danny Flear Community Centre Freiston

Goldwing Motorcade

At Boston Cemetery

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