Christine Cornthwaite RIP

Christine and her husband Martin have been Lincs Wings members since 2014.  During that time they have both given freely of their time and energy for the benefit of the Club and its members.  Christine has always been the first to help and support others and both Martin and Christine are famous for organising trips, garden parties, Turkey and Tinsel trips for senior citizens and volunteering for any jobs that needed doing.  You could characterise Christine as the "Mother Figure" of our club as she was always ready to go around the room to greet people, speak with them and take a keen interest in their wants and needs.  Their speciality was their garden parties at their beautiful home, where they invited all to join in and enjoy a sunny afternoon of drinks, chatting and supper. 

Just a few years ago, Christine was diagnosed with cancer but she maintained a strong will and confidence in facing her many treatments.  The two years of the COVID outbreak meant that we were unable to stay in contact but we were pleased to hear that she had come through her treatments and was still smiling.  We were happy once again to see Martin and Christine as our regular meetings which finally restarted in 2022.  Our May meeting was the last time we saw Christine and she was still as bright as ever with a smile for everyone.  However, despite her high spirits, she finally succumbed to her illness and passed away peacefully on 20 June 2022.  She will be sadly missed by us all and we thank her for her friendship and support over the years. Our hearts go out to Martin for the loss of his lovely wife Christine.

Christine's funeral will take place at Grimsby Crematorium on 7 July at 12.45.
All Goldwings are invited to escort Christine on her final journey.