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(May - July) 2021

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Here are photos from different events and visits during 2020
sent in by our members.


 Covenham Reservoir and Watersports Club - July 2021 

 Christine and Martin took a trip out and so they sent in a couple of photos of them reminiscing when Martin used to go water skiing at Covenham Reservoir many moons ago.  Unfortunately absolutely nothing was happening there that day! After leaving they drove around the villages and ended up at Braders Fruit and Vegetable farm and bought some strawberries, very yummy.  There was also a Certificated caravan and camping site there so they wandered round and spoke to a few of the occupants.  Not many facilities but peaceful for a few nights away and not far from home.


Pictures by Christine and Martin



Scotland 29 May - 5 June 2021

Ian and Sue took off for the hills and glens and here is a reminder of their trip.  Fantastic week, never had to wear a jumper and waterproofs never left the pannier.

On route to Moffat, where we stayed for 4 nights, we stopped at the Filling Station Cafe in Keswick as part of the breakfast challenge.  Only to find it was shut due to COVID; no sign of when or if it was going to open again. 

    From Moffat, which has many great biking roads, we visited St Marys Loch Cafe, also part of the breakfast challenge. we also did the Dalveen Pass, Devils Beef Tub and many more great roads.  From Moffat, we stayed in Kelso for 3 nights at the Ednam House hotel. It is a lovely location overlooking the river Tweed. 

On the last day, on the route home, we stopped at the viewing point entering England going through the Northumbria National Park.  Fantastic roads with many blind summits. We also stopped at the A68 Cafe and then at Squires Cafe (another on the breakfast challenge). We bumped into Mick Gordge and his wife from Yorkshire Wings and had a quick chat.  A great week away and 968miles dry miles completed.

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Pictures by Ian and Sue


Trip to Corby Glen - Jun 2021


It was a beautiful sunny day and Trevor and Marion suggested a trip out to visit Squires Cafe (as a part of the Cafe Challenge).  However, as we met up at 10.00 o'clock, we decided it was just too hot to take a 200 mile round trip.  Instead, we set off heading south with Trev and Marion in the lead, followed by Stephen and Lynne.  It had been some time since the Goldwings had been out of the garage so we took it easy making sure that everything was still 100% A Okay.  After passing Sleaford and following the A15, we soon got into the swing of our nice bendy Lincolnshire roads.  Unfortunately, the Council had gritted about 6 miles of road north of Bourne so we did have to take our time to avoid skidding on the fresh gravel.  After Bourne we turned right and enjoyed more bends until we arrived at Corby Glen and headed for the Mad Hatter cafe for coffee and cakes (in fact, I had a sausage roll with a Lincolnshire sausage filling yum). The cafe is a regular stop for bikers and cyclists but they had plenty of room for us to sit in the garden and enjoy our snacks.  After a pleasant hour in the sun, we set off back home following the Bitchfield Bends (another lovely bendy road) up to the A52 and then back to Billinghay. An enjoyable round trip of 80 miles followed by ice-creams in our back garden.

Pictures by Stephen and Lynne


Martin and Christine - A grand day out
June 2021

Christine was planning an outing for afternoon tea with her lady friends now that "Lockdown" measures were gradually easing.  So Martin, being ever so helpful, decided to lend a hand and provide some exclusive transport for his wife and her friends.  Why is it that our good ladies don't quite see the perfection of this??

Pictures by Christine


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