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The Skegness Light Parade

Parade Organisers:  Sandy and Peggy
Contact:  07889211579


The first ever Skegness Light Parade was held on 20 September 2014 with over 80 inscriptions raising moneys for the RNLI and the GWOC National Committee Charity. The 2015 Parade had 114 inscribed Goldwings and raised an impressive £1811.  In 2016 our parade of 120 inscribed bikes raised over £2500.  In 2017 we had 124 inscribed bikes with 101 taking part in the parade and raised £3001 for the RNLI Charity. In 2018 our parade grew to 157 bikes/trikes inscribed with 114 taking part in the Light Parade.  This event raised over £3650 towards the RNLI Charity

2019 was a year for a new format.  The daytime static display took place outside Hildred's Shopping Centre and the Light Parade set off for the clock tower and then proceeded up and down the Grand Parade and the North Parade twice before continuing on to the Golden Palm Holiday Camp.  This year donations went to  LIVES  "Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service" who also provided our First Aid cover for the event.  The 2019 event raised £3500.

The year 2020 was a write-off due to COVID and Lockdown so lets just skip over that one and come up to date with SKLP 2021. With the whole of Lumley road closed for our use, we had over 80 bikes during the day-time static show and 80 of these joined us for a spectacular Light Parade later that evening.  Despite worries that COVID infections may keep bikers and public away, we were pleased to see wingers arriving from up and down the country and we probably had the biggest crowd we have ever seen to cheer our Light Parade.

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