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(Jan - Apr) 2019

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Here are photos from different events and visits during 2019
sent in by our members.


Lincs Wings Monthly Meeting - 21 Apr 2019

Lincs Wingers got together at Market Rasen for our monthly meeting on a very sunny and clear Easter Sunday.  Following a bacon roll and coffee we assembled in the main room to discuss the region's business.  First of all Sandy told us of the terrible accident suffered by Tim Brooks when he badly injured his hand at work.  We all send our best wishes for a successful resolution and a speedy recovery Tim. 
    Our Wing Ding is all sorted out and Trev E was working on ride-out routes for the weekend.  Sandy told us that he has already received bookings for the weekend so we hope to see plenty of folks there.
    The Skegness Light Parade is going through the usual planning meetings and we were told that we expect to get official road closures this year which will help considerably with vehicle and crowd control. 
    We were then joined by Anne and Kevin Troop who came to on behalf of LIVES to accept a cheque from Lincs Wings for £1100.00.

After the meeting everyone mounted up and followed Steve K up to Cleethorpes to pay a visit to Christine and Martin.  Christine was diagnosed with medical problems and she had to undergo quite invasive surgery.  We are pleased to report that she is now on the road to recovery and we found her and Martin sunning themselves in the garden.  Here, click on the photo to see our visit.

Pictures by Stephen


Matlock Bath Ride-Out - 7 Apr 2019

The Friendly Farmer was the meeting place for our ride-out today when 6 bikes with riders of course showed up for the day.  Trev and Marion, Stephen and Lynne, Doug and Sue, Mark and Debbie with their son, then Ian and Sue who led the group.  Just as we were about to set forth for the day, Trevor showed up on his trike.  So filled up with a Friendly Farmer's breakfast we made our way over to Matlock Bath.  As usual, parking was a bit scarce in the carpark so 4 of us opted to park in the street where you get just 1 hour.  We also met up with George and Karen who had made their own way over.  After fish and chips, Stephen and Lynne met up with Trev and Marion and took a further ride out through Chartwell and Bakewell then back to Matlock Bath were we met the others just getting ready to set off for home.  On the way back, after a fairly nice day, it began to rain.

Mark has a young admirer

Pictures by Stephen and Lynne


Whitley Bay Light Parade - 30 Mar 2019

Some of our intrepid wanderers made it all the way up to Whitley Bay for the Border Wings Light Parade.  Here they are enjoying the weekend.

Pictures by Stephen K

Mablethorpe - 29 Mar 2019

It was a fine day so Doug and Sue decided to dust off the winter blues and take their baby out for a stroll.  So here they are in sunny Mablethorpe.  A nice trip out with Fish Chips and ice-cream thrown in just to make it a worthwhile trip.

Pictures by Sue


Hunstanton Light Parade 23 Mar 2019

Once again I am pleased to announce that LINCS Wings as the neighbouring region to Norfolk managed to turn out enough members to be the best attended region.  Norfolk Wings were blessed with a nice day and a good turnout so that they could again raise money for a worthy cause.

Pictures by Stephen K


Torksey Lock - 20 Mar 2019

Ian and Larry decided to go retro today and so they took a ride out to Torksey Lock which is the junction where the Fossdyke Navigation Canal meets the River Trent.  Its a pleasant place to visit with a very nice cafe and restaurant so you can enjoy a treat before setting off again.  Ian said "My 1st ride of the year and what a lovely warm day for March. I've had the GL1000 two and half years and have finally got it back to standard. Larry was on his Honda pan ST1100".  Here are the bikes enjoying a sunny day out in March.


Bowling in Lincoln - 16 Feb 2019

As we didn't plan to have a monthly meeting in February, we decided instead to have a bowling evening at the Lincoln Bowl on Washingborough Road.  We showed up between 6.00 and 7.00pm and paid for 2 games and then took possession of lanes 13 and 14.  Despite our best and professional efforts, the scores were not exactly astronomic - but who cares because we had a great night out.  After the games, Lynne and Stephen said their goodbyes whilst the rest of the gang took over the corner of the bar and settled down for a good night out.  We must do this again.


Pictures by Lynne


Stephen on his new GL1500 Trike

Stephen K took a nice ride to willy woods via Tetney, North Somercotes, Mablethorpe, Manby, then some nice backroads to avoid Horncastle and Louth, then returning via Binbrook, Waltham, Humberston, Cleethorpes then home to wash all the crud and salt off the Trike.  Had a brilliant ride did just short of 80 miles in total.  Sorry there where not more pictures but he was just enjoying the ride too much to stop and take more.


Pictures by Stephen K


Lincs Wings AGM and Meeting 13 Jan 2019

Lincs Region met at Market Rasen Cricket Club on 13 Jan 2019 to hold our Annual general Meeting followed by our monthly meeting.  Minutes of the meetings can be downloaded from the Private Members Area.  The cold weather forced most but not all to arrive on 4 wheels.  However, our intrepid bikers Trevor and Marion as usual showed up on their yellow peril.  Election of officers re-instated all of our club officials - despite their loud protests to remain in their posts for another year.  Martin C won the popular vote to take up the new post of Assistant Rep and, Ian volunteered to take over as Ride-out coordinator.   We voted to carry on business as before and hold a Wing Ding each year; this year our venue is set for Kirton near Boston between 3 - 7 July.  We don't plan to hold a monthly meeting in February but instead we will enjoy a night out Ten Pin Bowling. 

Here's our photo album of the meeting 

Whoops of the Year went to George

Winger of the Year was awarded to Jayne (Peggy)

Pictures by Stephen T


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