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(Jan - Apr) 2020

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Here are photos from different events and visits during 2020
sent in by our members.


An Update from the General Secretary of GWOCGB

Dear Members
I would like to let you know that the National Committee has met via Skype.
We first met to discuss matters that were pertinent to the future of this Club under the current Government guidelines.  Under discussion was 'Up and Coming WingDings'.  Bob has not heard from the Regional Reps but he intends to get in contact with them. 
Wing Dings are not to be held under the current guidelines.
Also under discussion was the future of the British Treffen.  Tony is
doing his best in dealing with the Uttoxeter management to find a way forward.  Also under discussion was some way to compensate members for what I can only call a summer of no WingDings and Treffens.
We then went on to discuss the election for the post of Chairman.  If you haven’t heard by now Nigel Whitehouse has been elected as the new Chairman of GWOCGB.  We wish him every success in carrying this Club forward at this difficult time.
We also want to thank Tim for his hard work over the last 6 years.  The due diligence and professionalism shown over the years will be a hard act to follow for Nigel.  We wish Tim all the best in the future and I’m sure we will see him on the winging scene once we all get back together again.
We intend to make this a regular conference meeting via Skype and
hopefully Mid May will be our next meeting.  So, if you have something you would like to bring up, please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the Committee.  I am sure we would be happy to bring it up at Committee level.
Minutes of this conference call will be forthcoming.
Stay Safe
Ride with Pride
Gary Ingram


Spreading your Wings

The outbreak of Corona Virus has taken the World by surprise.
We are now in a lockdown situation throughout the UK in order to stem the spread of the virus and to reduce the number of people who will need hospital treatment.  It is incumbent upon all of us to comply with the government instructions and to remain at home and to reduce social contact to a minimum.
Goldwings around the country are sitting in garages, pining for their owners to take them out.  But it is up to us to comply and to concentrate on maintenance and polishing instead of riding.

Here are Keith and Linda trying out their new 'wing' which is currently allowed for exercise purposes.

Picture by Linda


Dave opens a "Can of Worms"

Dave joined GWOCGB just last year when he finally got around to buying a nice red GL1500.  He had been biking for years but he admits that it took him a while to get used to the difference of riding a bike and cruising a wing. 

His bike came equipped with many add-ons and accessories, which its previous owners had decided to install.  However, he did note that when he turned on the ignition, all these lights and accessories came to life and if he didn't start the engine within a few minutes he would soon run into a flat battery and starting problems.  So he decided that a rewire would be in order so that he could switch on services as needed.  That's when he found his can of worms.

Wires everywhere, with no idea what they were for.  All accessories were switched by 20Amp car relays - even the LEDs.  Its likely that the relays were drawing more current than the services they were switching.  In short, it was a complete hayrick just waiting to catch fire.  At least he wouldn't need a heated seat this winter !!.

So Dave got to work

He installed a new ancillary fuse panel next to the battery and then rewired his services through individual switches so that it didn't all spring to life when the ignition was on.  Overall, I think he made a nice neat job of it and he sent me these pictures so that I could share his experience with you.  Well done Dave.


Pictures by Dave


New Members taking a spin - 19 Jan 2020

Keith and Linda joined Lincs Wings Region this year and they are the first to send me a photo of their first ride out to Spalding Bike Show at the Springfields Centre.  Whilst they were there, a kind biker took their photo for the 'Out an About' page.  Well done Keith and Linda and welcome to the Club.

Picture from Linda


Lincs Wings AGM and Monthly Meeting 12 Jan 2020

We held our Region's AGM and monthly meeting at Market Rasen Cricket Club on 12 Jan 2020.  The turnout was excellent, however only Trevor and Marion braved the weather enough to come on their Goldwing.  Well done you two.  For the rest of us, it was 4 wheels and a full metal jacket. 

    Sandy opened the meeting wishing us all a Happy New Year and then held a minutes silence for those who could no longer be with us.  We followed the usual order of business with Stephen boring everyone with his developments of the lincswings website and then Sue explaining that the money was doing fine. Election of officers resulted in Sandy being once more returned as the Lincs Wings Rep.  However, to help reduce the workload, Mark volunteered to take on the role as Wing Ding Sec.  Stephen will continue as Webmaster and Wingspan reporter, and Ian as Ride-out Coordinator, whilst Sue will continue as Treasurer.  Debbie agreed to step in as Secretary.

    Mark's new role will be to organise a Wing Ding Committee and to manage the event.  This year, he proposed that the Wing Ding should be held at Grange Park Golf Course near Messingham.  The site has all of the facilities we require and the staff were keen to accept our event.

    The Skegness Light Parade will remain in the care of Sandy and Peggy.

 Sandy told us that he will be interested in running for the post of Gen Sec on the National Committee.  However, it appears that the post will not become vacant until the planned bi-annual change which will be in 2021. 

    Following the AGM, we had voting for the Winger of the Year 2019 and Whoops of the Year 2019.  Although many candidates received more than one vote, the majority chose Christine as Winger of the Year.  Christine was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and following surgery she has made a fantastic recovery.  No doubt she had suffered some bad times over the past year and yet she has remained cheerful and buoyant throughout.  We are all very happy to see her recovered and smiling.

Winger of the Year 2019- Christine

Now Whoops of the Year goes to her dear husband Martin.  He explained to the meeting that just before Christine went into surgery, she gave him her wedding ring to safeguard.  On her return home, Martin prepared a bedroom for Christine and placed a teddy bear on the bed with her wedding ring clutched between its paws.  A few days after her return, Christine asked where her wedding ring had been put for safekeeping and Martin referred to the Teddy, which was now missing the ring.  Despite searches high and low, they have still not found the ring so Martin's clever ploy had backfired and he remains in the dog-house.  So in recognition of a good plot gone wrong, Martin was awarded Whoops of the Year for 2019, which is fitting because the awards could not have gone to two more splendid people.


Whoops of the Year 2019 - Martin


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