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(May - July) 2020

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Here are photos from different events and visits during 2020
sent in by our members.


Stephen and Lorraine's Bacon sandwich - 24 Jun 2020

Stephen and Lorraine decided to take the air and so they set out on their GL1500 Trike for a trip around the villages to arrive - yes you guessed it - at Willingham Woods.  Here they are enjoying a bacon sandwich and an Appleby's ice cream whilst viewing all the other visiting bikes and bikers.  Good to see you out and about guys.

Pictures by Stephen K


Martin and Christine at Willie Woods - 24 June 2020

Martin and Christine had another day out on the trike, just around villages of Lincolnshire but ones they haven't visited for years. Ended up at Willingham Woods, loads of bikers but once again we sat away from everyone. Still approached by passers by for a chat, mainly about the trike and an old friend we haven't seen for years spotted us from a distance and came over. Great to see him and his wife June. Thanks for coming over John Waddingham.

Picture by Christine


Far from the Madding Crowd - 23 June 2020

Christine and Martin had a lovely day on their trike the other day visiting Market Rasen, Horncastle, Wainfleet and Skegness.  They kept away from the madding crowds of Skegness.  "You wouldn't think there was a lockdown and social distancing".  So they went further down the beach for some peace and quiet and away from the crowds. They are trying to get out as much as they can.  Christine said "We're ok with small groups of up to 8 but we've decided to keep away from bigger groups anyway till this virus has died down a lot more".  Sensible advice !!!

Here's Martin enjoying a well earned cuppa with his Trike at Skegness beach

Picture by Christine


Trudy in hospital 22 June 2020

During this month poor Trudy has been suffering terribly with her back and legs.  Eventually, after suffering so long, she was admitted to hospital and then sent to the Spinal Unit in Nottingham. She had a major operation to free up her spinal cord that had become trapped between discs.  They removed some bone to free the cord and then had to rebuild her spine with plates and screws.

I'm pleased to report that Trudy is finally coming home today so lets all wish her the best of luck to get well soon.

Here's Trudy on Whatsap with Trevor - Sharing the good news

Picture from Trev


Martin and his GL1000 - June 2020

During the lockdown Martin G decided it was time for a bit of maintenance work on his 1978 GL1000.  After taking out the oil plug he was surprised (and also a little dismayed) to see oil and coolant running out. He though (F**** Drat) oh Dear.

So after taking the engine out of the bike, it seemed a good idea to clean the engine.  He changed the head gaskets and then found that the water pump was  loose. Possibly this was why the coolant had leaked into the engine.  Also found the drip hole blocked (ie 'bunged up' in biker slang). Martin also used this opportunity to change the clutch plates and renew the starter clutch rollers.

Hopefully by the time you are reading this update, the engine will be back in the frame and the rest of the bike rebuilt.

Here are a few pics to show his progress to date - Mmmm very clean

Nice work Martin

Pictures and article by Martin Goode


A Quick Trip to Cleethorpes - 16 June 2020

As the lockdown pressures ease, Doug and Sue with Mark and Debbie decided to blow away the Goldwing cobwebs and take a much needed trip to Cleethorpes.  As per the unwritten British Constitution, they stopped in at the Seaside first for Fish and Chips and ice creams before popping round for a visit with Martin and Christine.   Christine invited them to stay for tea but they all had to beg off because they were full up.  Better luck next time.

Pictures by Sue


Keep your distance Mate!

Here's Trev and Trudy who decided that cabin fever could only be cured by a nice long ride out on their Trike.  Just a ride around and only stopping to take in the sights along the way.  Their trip took them on a 127 mile circuit covering
Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Market Rasen, Bardney Woodhall Spa, Coningsby and then back to Boston.

Pictures by Trudy


Humpty Dumpty Dave

Humpty Dumpty fell on his head
so the NHS Doctors put him to bed
They checked his brain to look for a bleed
Then sent him home to recover at need

Well its the best I could do under the circumstances.  However poor Dave was working out on a site using the digger that he hires out for excavation work.  As he was loading the digger onto his trailer, he stopped to move a spare bucket to make more room.  But as he stepped up on the trailer and reached for the door handle to the digger, he missed it and ended up falling off the trailer.  He banged up his shoulder but worse of all he banged his head on the concrete.  Dave was unconscious for a few minutes and when he came around he was covered in blood.  Well they shipped him off the the hospital where the neurosurgeon was concerned he may have a bleed on the brain.  However, a second scan showed that he was okay, but they kept him in hospital for observation for 24 hours and then sent him home to rest and to ensure he was accompanied in case he should suffer a relapse.  So far he is back home and doing okay so


and stop using your head for excavations. 

                       Dave                                            Dave's Digger                                             Dave's GL1500

Pictures by Dave (and his nurse)


Lockdown DIY - Keith

Keith joined “Volunteer Riders UK” to help transport urgent PPE packages via relays across the country. Yesterday he was a part of a relay to get equipment from Taunton to Skegness.
He has also been busy in the garden and has put a window in the bike shed so that he can sit in the garden & admire his bike !!

Pictures by Keith


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