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(May - July) 2022

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Here are photos from different events and visits during the year
sent in by our members.


Alba Wing Ding

Mark and Debbie together with Sue & Doug went along to the Alba Wing Ding.  They had a ride out to see the kelpies.  On the way home they stopped to look round Sterling Castle. 

Pictures by Mark and Debbie


Lincs Wings Meeting - 8 May 2022 

Despite a short delay in our meeting date, LINCS WINGS gathered together on 8 May at our regular meeting venue at Rase Park Cricket Club.  The meeting opened at 11.00am with 17 in attendance.  Mark and Debbie gave us a run down of their visit to the National meeting and on the AGM decisions. 

          Mark then had the pleasure of handing out presentations from the Hunstanton Light Parade.  Trevor and Marion won best bike with their Lincolnshire Yellow GL1800 adorned with Isis on the front:


Whilst Mike and Helen picked up the prize for the best Trike and their tribute to Status Que:

Then the Lincs wingers received the award for best attended region:


After a busy meeting and lots of tea and biscuits, the group set off to visit Lincoln’s Castle and Cathedral and to enjoy a lovely sunny day out.

Now just to prove that we do have days out, Mark and Debbie, met up with Doug and Sue to attend the Yorkshire Wing Ding.  They enjoyed a nice ride up to Sunny Filey.  They also and joined ride out to Gothland then onto Hemsley.


Pictures by Debbie and Mark


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